Spain in September

With the ‘Spain in September (Mix)’ l wanted to remain true to my auditory experience during the couple weeks I spent there last month. I loved that every stroll, every car ride, and every restaurant visit was soundtracked with the ease of good energy, dance and house records.

The idea was to not pander to ‘popular’, (top 40 or familiar songs everyone knows and loves) but instead recreate an experience I had, & offer that to my listeners in it’s rawest form.

I know my audience is a little more hip-hop and open format heavy, but I’m excited to introduce some records I found and loved, possibly exposing and expanding the pallet of those who enjoy my previous mixes. In the end you’ll have a clear & accurate understanding of what Spain sounded like, to me, in September of 2015.

Spain in September

Spain in September Tracklist

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